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She Cried Wolf


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Book signing - Phebe Yawson


“Momma, I don’t want to go in there,” said Kai, refusing to go through the heavy wooden door to the ancient castle.

“Baby, this is where we came from,” said momma firmly but gently. “You need to come inside so you can understand what it was like before we were stolen. It will heal your soul in places you didn’t even know were broken.” Momma Crystal tugged on Kai’s hand. “Sometimes it’s necessary to get out of your comfort zone so you can grow as a person...”


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A lot of what I write, despite the particulars of genre, can fall under the general umbrella of the action-adventure story. Even in these there is a cycle of tension and release that plays with the audience’s emotions. Two warriors clash with sword and shield, death just one misstep away. A police officer races through the streets to apprehend a fugitive, but will he catch them? A thief balances carefully on a ledge, the town guards just below him. People talk a lot about pouring your own emotions into your work, but you can play emotions like the strings of a guitar with pacing, tone, mystery, and danger. That’s what I usually do.

- Tyese Gibson

In 2002, Phebe Yawson volunteered her services to a non-profit in Ghana, West Africa after graduating from DeVry. In 2015, she relocated back to America to raise her family. Now able to pursue her dreams, she spends her days with her husband and kids and her nights with her pen. Phebe is now an award winning author and poet.

- Phebe Yawson

One of the primary objectives of any kind of storytelling is to invoke an emotional reaction from the audience. The methods and results of this might be painfully clear in some situations, such as a love story or a tragedy. In other situations, such as an action-adventure story, this might not be as clear.

- B. K. Bass

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